Toys Featuring Cochlear Implants

Now that Sonya’s third birthday has come and gone, she is already asking for Hanukkah gifts! (Yes, I’m well aware that we have created a monster…) Nevertheless, I am keeping my eyes open for toys that features cochlear implants. I have been told that it is very important that Sonya have dolls or stuffed animals that “look like her.” Here is a list of a few that I thought were really adorable. Do you have any others I should consider?:

I love this Cochlear Implant Monkey. Not sure how it would hold up to Sonya’s abuse, but it is really sweet.

You can also find custom dolls on Etsy that can be made to look like your child.

Inspired by a real nine-year-old child, Mia is a wildlife photographer who wears cute red rain boots and jacket, a ladybug sweater and happens to have cochlear implants. How can you not love this?!

Lottie doll

From the makers of Ella the Eczema Rash Doll (it exists!) comes Eland the Cochlear Implant Doll! Not sure how I feel about this one. Something about the freckles turn me off, but maybe others will love it?:

We received Kaci the Koala when Sonya was activated as a gift from the Cochlear company, and I still love it. It’s sweet and Sonya can take the CIs on and off – just like hers!

Build a Bear apparently has plush hearing aids you can purchase along with your purchase of one of their bears. Such a great idea! How cute would this Halloween Pumpkin Bear be with hearing aids?

bab plus hearing aid.jpg


If you admit your American Girl doll to the Doll hospital, you can add a hearing aid or two.


Finally, Makies – one of the first toy brands to get behind the #ToyLikeMe movement, sells different color cochlear implants that can be fitted to a number of toys. They are pretty small (3.6cm x 3.2 cm x 1.1 cm – but perfect for Barbie-sized dolls.

makies 1.jpg

Do you have any other ideas? I am surprised there aren’t more options out there!



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