Pumpkin-Spice Speech Therapy!

Is your family obsessed with Halloween? I have always loved dressing up and the spirit around this holiday, but having a toddler during Halloween elevates the fun and cuteness to a new level! Yes, I bought Sonya’s Halloween costume in July (it was on sale then!) and as soon as Oct. 1 came, the apartment was decorated with spider webs, pumpkins and ghosts.

Recently, Sonya’s speech therapists have started incorporating the holiday into their sessions, and I thought you might enjoy learning about some of the wonderfully creative ideas they have had! This week, we made pumpkin cloud dough and it was just the cutest:

Pumpkin Cloud Dough


Not only was it a great sensory activity, it incorporated new vocabulary and story sequencing as well. I have included Sonya’s speech therapist Jen’s recipe for pumpkin cloud dough, followed with some of the speech-related activities around it!

Pumpkin Cloud Recipe:
1 cup hair conditioner
2 cups corn starch
red and yellow food coloring
a dash of cinnamon

Simply pour the hair conditioner and corn starch in a glass bowl and use your hands to mix. Add a few drops of red and yellow food coloring and a few shakes of cinnamon and voila!: pumpkin cloud dough! Jen smartly divided up her colorless/scentless dough into small plastic bags for each child, and then let Sonya handle coloring and scenting the dough before we played with it. If your child is hesitant to get their hands dirty, they can also just mix the dough in the plastic bag.

Once the dough was complete, Jen asked Sonya to walk us through how we made it, step by step. She used an iPad with pictures of each step in the recipe process. This was definitely a challenging game for a three year old.

What Fall-inspired speech therapy activities do your kids love? I’ll definitely share more as I come across them 🙂





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