It’s Sonya in Crochet Doll Form! And Other Adorable Gifts Featuring Cochlear Implants




I ordered Sonya the custom MadebyToriC doll through Etsy and it was even sweeter  than I imagined!  Tori was lovely to work with. I gave her details about Sonya’s hair, the colors of her processors and I received it in a week’s time. Impressive, Right??!!! She captured Sonya’s pigtails and RubyBands headband! This is such a lovely gift. I can’t WAIT to give it to her next week for Hanukkah.

baby doll with CIs

Another Etsy find: A baby doll with cochlear implants (from LeSoZo Arts). Looks like there aren’t too many in stock though, so I would order one soon!

Sophie’s Tales Overcoming Obstacles is a book about Sophie, a little dog with hearing loss who wears cochlear implants. The book comes along with an adorable stuffed Sophie with bilateral cochlear implants. You can have the book inscribed to your child as well.

Harmony Hears a Hoot is a sweet children’s book about a young owl named Harmony who attends her first day of school. I love how proud Harmony is of her uniqueness as well as how she advocates for herself by teaching her schoolmates and teacher about how she hears. Author Fara Augustover doubles as a speech pathologist. You can buy the crochet owl as a companion to the book on the author’s website.

peekachoo with implants

Pikachu is even cuter with cochlear implants, agree?!

Some other ideas:

An Apple Watch – Did you know they are great assistive listening devices? Also,
Unique earrings to adorn hearing aids.

P.s. Here is my last list of toys featuring cochlear implants.




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