A British Accent?

IMG_5456 (1)Maybe I have been watching too much of The Crown, but lately, Sonya’s speech has been a bit… fancier. It could be a mapping issue or an auditory memory issue (meaning she is just used to saying words this way and it is habit), but she tends to speak with a British accent at times.

It’s really quite adorable, and I am sure this has something to do with the fact that she continues to speak this way. We likely encourage it.

When asking Sonya to pick up her toys, she responds, “I just cahn’t!”

We are working with Sonya’s speech therapists to resolve the issue. First we show her a picture of a beach and explain that it is “hot” there. Then we show her a picture of a “hat.” Sonya will most of the time choose the right picture when asked. When we reverse the roles her production becomes better.

It could also have to do with her love for Peppa Pig

I plan to bring this up at her next mapping. Sometimes these little issues resolve themselves overnight.

Sonya at Buckingham Palace this fall



Author: Missy Kvitko

Born in Fargo, North Dakota, I grew up in Minnesota. After graduating from Macalester College in 2004, I moved to New York City. For 10 years I worked in the field of public relations, representing professional services firms and financial services (in particular alternative asset managers) In 2014, my life changed dramatically with the birth of my first child, Sonya Rose. Born with severe to profound hearing loss. Sonya's care has become my full time job. It is also the best job I have ever had. My husband, Sonya and I live in Manhattan. Please feel free to email me anytime at missy.kvitko@gmail.com, or find me on instagram (@mmkvitko) and twitter (@HearSonyaRose). Thank you so much for reading.

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